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Easy part time WFH Freelancing jobs 2021

 Part-Time Easy Freelancing jobs,2021

Freelancing has always been one of the most preferred job cultures across western countries. But now with the change in perception, people worldwide have started looking for these part-time freelancing jobs, even choosing them as a full-time career.

Ever got confused when you ask one of your friends or family members what he/she does for a living and straightway tells you “I do freelancing“.? 

There are literally thousands of freelance jobs available online through which people actually are literally more preferred over so many traditional work in office cultured jobs.

This article will primarily cover up everything anyone who wants to be a freelancer and do jobs of own interest and who needs complete guidance where you can start your work!


Freelancing is a self-employed job culture that works as proofreader, content writer, designer, language translator, document editor, etc. A person who does freelancing, particularly for himself, rather than working under a company or organization!

How much does a freelancer earn through freelancing?

According to the outcomes of a 2019 study on freelancing, on average, currently, a freelancer earns $25-35 per hour (INR 2500) per hour which turns approximately $25,200 per month(INR 18,88,983.18). 

Of course with so many other factors in consideration, the amount would vary. But from the above calculation, anyone can definitely get a fair idea about how much one can earn doing freelancing per month!


P.S: Despite some basic information provided about the most demanding job types, this article strictly and specifically provides information on the platform where any new freelancer can fetch works and starts earning. So if you want to learn some specific skills over any platform, kindly let us know in the comment section.   
Some of the most demanding fields for freelancers to search work for a can of the following types 
  • English Proofreading: This has to be the easiest way of earning.

Job Description: You would be given a file of data and you would just need to check the data accuracy and make the correction wherever required. You can actually get hundreds of these proofreading jobs per day.

Average Pay Scale: $15 – 25 per hour

  • Content Writing: Content writing may be of different types such as Article writing, Blog writing, Document writing, Copy pasting, proof-reading, etc.

Job Description: A freelancer applying for this, has to be someone with a basic level of English understanding and writing capabilities. Freelancers would be asked to write content on some specific topics.

Average Pay Scale: $15 – 25 per hour
                                $10 – 30 USD
  • Photo-video maker and editor: This is another much-preferred job type. People having at least basic level photo-videography skills can easily fetch numerous works in this field.

Job Description: Freelancers are needed maybe to take some photos and videos about something specific or maybe needed to do editing over it. 

Average Pay Scale: $10 – 20 per hour
  • Resume Writing: 

Job Description: As the name suggests, freelancers are getting paid just for making one resume for someone.

Average Pay Scale: $10 -30 AUD

  • Language Translator:

Job Description: Freelancers are needed to translate maybe file or a document from one language to the other.

Average Pay Scale: $15 – 25 per hour
  • Logo making and poster design: This is for someone who takes some interest and skills over creative designs. 

Job Description: Many companies or organizations pays a hefty amount to freelancers for one single logo design, you can also apply!

Average Pay Scale: $20- 25 per hour
  • Human Resource Management: [HIGHER LEVEL] This specific job profile is for some experienced personalities. People with previous experience in this field or with a great people’s network can apply for this.

Job Description: Most of the time, HR managers would be getting to deal with various clients worldwide.

Average Pay Scale: $10,420 USD per annum. 
  • Data Entry: This data entry job has always been there, they are needed everywhere irrespective of the size of the firm or organization!

Job Description: Freelancers are needed to enter hourly or daily data for anything and everything a company does sell or buy!

Average Pay Scale: $10 – 20 per hour
  • Retyping of a pdf into word or word into pdf

Job Description: People would need to type some documents in order or to edit texts in the pdf file given by the providers. 

Average Pay Scale: $10 – 20 per hour
  • Audio Transcription :

Job Description: People pay freelancers for listening to an audio file and type the audio messages in pdf.

Average Pay Scale: 250-750 GBP

P.S The above-written data are strictly checked and verified by the YuNeed.in authorities and can give 100% assurance on it.

Where do we start freelancing?

In this segment, we are gonna provide you a 100% genuine and easy-to-access platform with detailed step-by-step guidance. Please read everything carefully, before actually get into it!

  • Step1: Click Here to go to the official freelancer page

If you don’t have previously registered on this site, please click here Sign Up yourself.

  • Step2: Then log yourself in. 

P.S: The account has been created only for helping you to get familiar with the site. The above page is copyrighted to one of our YuNeed employees and thus the personal information is made hidden for privacy issues.

  • Step3: Then click on your profile and select view profile to go to your profile section.
  • Step4: Then complete your profile information whatever is required. Please don’t forget to verify your payment method, because your earnings would be transferred only through your preferred payment method.
  • Step5: Once you are done with your profile completion, you are good to go
  • Step6: Then click on my project option to see the available projects.
Then choose any of the options according to your interest.[“All projects” option is recommended]
  • Step7: Here, opens the most important page with a list of available works, now you can fetch your first ever freelancing work, excited?

Check all the available options, and choose one. Let’s say you have chosen Re-type PDF into WORD

[OPTION 2 IN THE ABOVE PICTURE] for INR 1500.00-12,500.00.



  • Here, you need to do bidding for fetching a work, There you would probably see 40 0r 50 bids already by others.
  • Since you are new to freelancing without having huge experience in the count, try bidding for works at a price lesser than anyone else. This is so obvious, if you are assuring to complete the work at a price lower than anyone else, the client would be happy to hire you any day. Of course, once you are experienced in the site and get recognized, you can demand your fixed price rate matching your skillset.

ThePlace a bit on this projectsection needs to fill up carefully.

  • Bid Amount: If you are new, don’t set the price high, instead place an amount that you think to be enough for a fresher.
  • The project will be delivered in: To make the best of impression, set a number that you think you would be able to cover up.
  • Describe your proposal: Write the reason why the client would offer your work, try telling them your experience, not necessarily on a freelancer site. Provide a piece of contact information so that the client can contact you. 
  • Step8:Review everything before placing the bid, once reviewed click on Place Bid, and you are done.
Congratulations on placing the first-ever bid on the freelancer site and hopefully congratulation on fetching the first-ever freelancer payment too! 
We tried guiding you in every possible way, if you still have any doubt, please feel free to drop a comment in the comment box!
                                                                                 Team YuNeed!

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