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FREE Microsoft Premium courses July, 2021 | Get Certificate for free

Get Microsoft verified premium Courses for free | Get Certificate | Enhance
your Skills

As the article name suggests, this article will provide you with some of the most premium industry demanded courses absolutely free! Get 15+ Certified courses to enhance your skill and also add value to your curriculum vitae. Each course provides a free course completion certificate.

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In today’s age with the tech-related jobs getting glorified
immensely, start-ups getting emphasized more and more, one’s skill
enhancement is much needed to match the level of today’s


This course will help you providing knowledge about building end-to-end
IoT solutions! You can easily get started with these courses without prior knowledge requirements! In this learning course, you will get to know the meaning of enabling digital transformation with IoT alongside the learning opportunities of Microsoft Azure IoT strategy and solutions!

Course outcome:

  • Learn how to connect devices to the cloud
  • Learn how to create and configure an IoT Hub
  • Learn about device messaging and communication
  • Building IoT solutions with Azure IoT Central
  • Learn about how intelligent edge can unblock new scenarios
  • Stream Processing Knowledge
  • Implementation of Lambda architecture for IoT solutions
  • Configuration of an IoT solution for Time Series insight
  • Overall knowledge on how to build IoT solutions with Azure IoT

Availability of the course:    Lifetime

Course Duration: 4:54 hours

Language: English

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This course partnered with Microsoft is designed to provide
insights on the origin and concepts of IoT and its future
aspects and impact on world technology etc. Without requirements
of prior knowledge, anyone can get through this course

Course outcome:

  • Origin and Concepts of IoT
  • Learn about Building blocks of IoT
  • Learn about IoT designs
  • Development considerations
  • Learn about IoT frameworks
  • Learn about how to adopt IoT architecture
  • Security consideration of IoT

Availability of the course:    Lifetime

Course Duration: 2:01 hours

Language: English


This advanced PHP course powered by Microsoft India aims to
help you improve your knowledge about advanced PHP and become a
Pro in this course. With these advanced PHP tutorials, learners
will be introduced to some of the significant techniques
required to create their code more responsive and skillful.

Course outcome:

  • Overview of  OOP concepts
  • Learn about PHP file and directory Access
  • PHP Email Handling
  • JavaScript in PHP
  • AJAX in PHP
  • Working with jQuery in PHP
  • Learn about JSON
  • PHP and XML
  • Web service in PHP

On the completion of this particular course, learners should be
able to build websites or applications of their own making
learners more confident about coding.

Availability of the course:    Lifetime

Course Duration: 10:45 hours

Language: Hindi


Ever thought of starting your python journey on the right path? Yes, you can start here. This course will primarily
cover everything a learner would need to get enough confidence
in building simple applications using Python

Course outcome:

  • Learn basics of python language
  • Learn about how to store and manipulate data to modify its
    type and appearance
  • Execute built-in functionality available from libraries of
  • Learn about adding logic to your code to enable complex
    business functionality

Availability of the course:    Lifetime

Course Duration:
:33 hours

Language: English


This article will provide complete knowledge about web
development by learning how to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript
to build a website, user developer tools in the browser to
check your work, and Git to collaborate and recover from
problems when they occur!

Course outcome:

  • Learn about setting up your developer environment
  • Learn about how to create the files for a website
  • Learn how to write HTML, CSS, and Javascript code

Availability of the course:    Lifetime

Course Duration: 4:33 hours

Language: English

Check some of the other Practical knowledge-related courses

This course will provide learners the basic concepts of
Electrical training that includes safety factors and
protection against different fault conditions that occur in
current equipment, thus various earthing methods! Basic
information about Electricity, insulators, conductors,
voltage, current, resistance, etc. 

Course outcome:

  • Learn about different protection systems 
  • Learn about methods of earthing.

Availability of the course:    Lifetime

Course Duration: 2:45 hours

Language: English

This course is basically for someone who is interested in mobile hardware functionalities! Learns would get to learn about different parts in Mobile phones and the way it works!

Course outcome:

  • Learn about different parts of mobile phones
  • Learn about how to repair damaged parts in your

Availability of the course:    Lifetime

Course Duration: 11:03 hours

Language: Hindi

Microsoft Excel is perhaps the most important software being used nowadays! This particular course aims to provide a complete understanding and knowledge of excel concepts and apply such concepts to relevant jobs or businesses! 

Course outcome:

  • Learn about basic as well as advanced excel concepts
  • Learn about how to implement excel concepts in the practical field 

Availability of the course:    Lifetime

Course Duration: 10:00 hours

Language: English 

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Course outcome: 
  • Learn about data science, its various activities, methodology to think
  • Import and clean data sets, analyze and visualize data and build and evaluate machine learning models and pipelines using python

Course Duration: Complete at your own pace

Language: English 

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This course will help learners gain introductory skills to succeed in an in-demand career in machine learning! By the completion of this specialization, learners should be able to realize the potential of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence in different business models!’

Course outcome: 
  • Learn about the potential application of machine learning 
  • Identify opportunities to leverage machine learning in your career job profile
  • Gain Technical knowledge about SQL, machine learning modeling regression, etc.
  • Communicate findings from your machine learning projects to experts and non-experts



Artificial intelligence is no longer a rare skill to develop, as it is getting emphasized more and more in all industries and having a profound impact on virtually every aspect of our existence! Thus this particular course is for everyone who wants to start learning artificial intelligence from scratch! By the completion of the course, the learner should be able to be confident about ML, Deep Learning, and Neural networks
Course outcome:
  • Learn about AI basics, their applications in real life
  • Various ethical issues in AI surroundings

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